What's On Tap at Red Castle Brewpub & Wine Bar?

Our Beer...Red Castle Microbrews

We all have different tastes, personalities and moods, so why should our beer be any different?! After all, the same old, same old is BORING! And, our beer is far from boring!

Our Red Castle Microbrews, each have a distinct flavor, finish and personality that would suit any mood and taste. So check out our diverse variety of flavors and try them for yourself...bet, you'll find one or two favorites with your name on them!

Fresh, Natural-Ingredients Carefully Hand-Crafted to Make a Better Beer...

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Wine on Tap

Why drink wine on tap? Why not?! There are a variety of reasons, but we like the fact that it is not only a "GREEN" and eco-friendly way to consume wine because less packaging and energy is needed to produce it (reduces carbon footprint), but it also makes the wine taste fresher and so much better!

A bottle of wine should be consumed in 2 to 3 days of opening...after that, your wine is considered stale. Wine on tap is a cool way to enjoy wine because it is kept under pressure and doesn't oxidize; therefore, it gives you the freshest, best-tasting wine imaginable!

Featured Winery Selections: Radical Wine Company, Lehighton, PA

Red Wines on Tap
  Ask your server for our current red wine selections.
White Wines on tap


Ask your server for our current white wine selections.



To make a wine selection request, please send us an E-mail.

Birch Beer On Tap for Our Princes & Princesses


Red Lemberger Wine on Tap Local, all-natural birch beer on tap. Mmm, so good!


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